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Terms and Conditions

Here are all the major terms and conditions regarding our services at Newyork Pizza

Sign in terms

When you sign in to our website, you agree to the terms and conditions that we have. The terms and conditions apply to the transactions related to the services. You give us necessary information related to the address, contact, email, and others for the service purposes.

Prices of the products

By placing your order, you become liable for the prices of the ordered items along with the associated taxes. We provide you a clear knowledge of the prices along with the taxes included at the time of the order placement. Hence, you should clear all your doubts about the prices in the first place.

Delivery terms

We have a set radius of services in various locations. We require your address in the location and contact details to deliver the food within the given period of time. The policy of delivering fresh food requires you to give us the necessary time to send your orders.

Payment methods

There are several payment methods available when you are using Newyork Pizza services. The methods are safe and secure. So, you can pick any of the available choices and make the payments.

Call us for assistance!

If you have more questions related to our terms and conditions, feel free to give us a call. Our team is always there to clear your doubts and help you leverage our services.

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What People say

Mike Lewis

It’s Amazing I went to Newyork pizza the food they have no body have in this area I tried honey bbQ chicken fries that was amazing and I think everybody should try.

Martin Chen

I ordered large cheese pizza with 15 wings and soda combo for delivery through Grabull. The food came right on time and was really delicious.

Williams cheek

I orderd the eggplant with wss so good. They give you a great portion dize for the price. With a drink 12 dollars tops

Colby Peterson

Low prices and high quality pizzas cooked quickly. I come here very often.

Tonya Dunker

The pizza is good, the slices are large, and the staff are efficient.

Rudy Louis

They have some good specialty pizzas on the menu, really tasty.